Virginia Waters meet - September 22nd 2002

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Great turnout
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Cars, cars, everywhere...
general03.jpg (147917 bytes)
... everywhere...
general04.jpg (116237 bytes)
... of all types...
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...including TVR...
general06.jpg (75689 bytes)
... particularly TVR!
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The Porsche corner
ferraris_arrive.jpg (145018 bytes)
Ferraris arriving
ferraris.jpg (142268 bytes)
A lovely line-up of Maranello's finest
britalia.jpg (73285 bytes)
"Britalia" by JonRB
360.jpg (127958 bytes)
360 Modena with PistonHeads stickers - class!
gt40.jpg (131830 bytes)
GT40 - how low can you go?
Err 40 inches, actually.
bonnets.jpg (129741 bytes)
Arty "down the bonnets" shot
3inarow.jpg (149726 bytes)
CarZee-mobile (with obligatory appearance by
 Serge), JonRB-mobile, and new Cosmic-mobile.
our_cars.jpg (148325 bytes)
Cosmic's Elan SE Turbo, with some
Elan lookalikes in the background.
serge.jpg (68977 bytes)
Serge the Squirrel
noble_exterior.jpg (141426 bytes)
I love Noble...
noble_engine.jpg (126301 bytes)
... Noble is a star...
noble_interior.jpg (105638 bytes)
... I love Noble ...
noble_side.jpg (165978 bytes)
... almost as much...
TuscanRacer.jpg (169601 bytes)
... as TVR
TuscanRacer2.jpg (175545 bytes)
Grant - we salute you.
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z3m.jpg (71777 bytes) m_breadvan.jpg (64477 bytes)


panoramic.jpg (52693 bytes)
Panoramic shot. Apologies to AnnTaz for the resulting wonky nose on her Tasmin FHC.


Special thanks to weebl & bob, Serge, Dalwhinnie and Scruff's golf clubs.


All photographs Copyright JonRB. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction without permission.