Basingstoke meet - April 14th 2002

Ultima02_med.JPG (112706 bytes)
Ultima caused quite a stir.
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400cu in (about 6.6L) made even the Griff 500s & Chimaera 500s look lacking in the engine department.
Goose01_med.JPG (119259 bytes)
Someone waves encouragement to the Chimaera that is just about to run the photographer over.
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Group shot from the safety of the opposite pavement


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Tasmin_med.jpg (88773 bytes)
Rare Tasmin hard-top in lovely condition
Convoy_med.JPG (76777 bytes)
Impressive convoy. Photographer's elbow in shot is less impressive. Sorry :-(
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Parked up at the Gamekeepers
Gamekeepers01_med.jpg (41890 bytes)
Parked up at the Gamekeepers
JeremyCerbie_med.JPG (87923 bytes)
Jeremy's Cerbie LW. Mmmmmmm.
Gamekeepers03_med.JPG (95392 bytes)
King Don - Lord of all he surveys (for a day)

Many thanks to Don for organising this event.


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